What We Do

RTCommunications recognizes that in the Telecommunications Industry adaptability to the accelerating pace of change is crucial. We have acquired comprehensive knowledge of many technologies through our tenure with major carriers and tier one companies.

Commitment in keeping up to speed with technological advancement is key. We are at the forefront of all aspects of telecommunications, adapting to new equipment and technologies as required by our clients.

RTCommunications is structured in accordance with AS4801/45001, ISO/NZ 9001 and ISO/NZ 14001 environmental standards. Our vision is that we move towards full certification.

We Provide these Services:

  • Planning
  • Commissioning
  • Design
  • External Construction
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Internal Construction
  • Project Management

And Comprehensive Solutions for:

  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Customer Wideband Services
  • Mobile Phone Base Stations
  • Project Management
  • Microwave & Fibre Links
  • Telephone Exchange Equipment and Superstructure
  • Transmission Systems
  • Power & Earthing (AC & DC)
  • Feasibility & Surevey studies
  • Rigging
  • Tower Refurbishment and Deconstruction
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Equipment
  • Data

Project Management

Project Management at RTCommunications emphasises on obtaining outcomes through managing opportunities and risks and making the best use of resources. RTCommunications seeks to establish that each project will deliver results that are consistent with organisational policy and strategic objectives. RTCommunications Project Management framework seeks to increase reliability and consistency of project performance and savings in costs. It does this through promoting:

  • Constant communication with the client
  • Solutions that maximise client satisfaction and benefits realisation
  • An understanding of the bigger picture and the project's part in it
  • Identification and appropriate management opportunities and risks
  • Planning of the total project life-cycle before committing resources
  • Improved reliability in estimating costs and benefits
  • A team approach to problem-solving
  • A focus on reviewing and improving processes

RTCommunication’s project infrastructure endorses these fundamental principles to achieve consistency in project management.

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